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infotec systems partners with idemia

Infotec Systems announces partnership with IDEMIA, a global leader of EMV contact and contactless chip-based products, physical and digital secure identity solutions as well as biometric devices.

With its strong presence in the Levant and its 21 years of experience in the card supply, card personalization, fulfillment, and payment processing, Infotec Systems will be responsible for promoting the IDEMIA EMV payment cards to its customer base of financial institutions and FinTechs. Infotec Systems and Idemia will deliver high quality dual interface debit, ATM, credit and prepaid cards that are certified by all international and domestic schemes.

Leveraging an unmatched expertise in embedded security, IDEMIA’s global EMV product range features contact and contactless chip-based products, made of secured Java-based open platform operating systems and applications and certified against industry state-of-the-art security and functional requirements. Depending on issuer needs, IDEMIA EMV cards can be delivered with added-value applications, as well as innovative card body features and material.

IDEMIA is a pioneer in the biometric payment card industry with F.CODE, the world’s first biometric payment card-allowing customers to authorize payment via a fingerprint sensor. To ensure privacy, the biometric data is securely stored in the chip and never leaves the card. “Let your finger be your PIN with F.CODE”

IDEMIA is also a leader in enabling the payment community’s environmental paradigm shift with GREENPAY sustainable eco-friendly recycled PVC cards.

In addition, IDEMIA proposes a large portfolio of attractive and eye-catching high-end metal credit and debit cards to match every customer aspiration.


IDEMIA is a multinational technology company headquartered in Courbevoie, France. It provides payment solution for physical and digital worlds, identity-related security services, and sells facial recognition and other biometric identification products and software to private companies and governments.

IDEMIA invests in the payment future while also continuing to promote and lead innovation in the physical payment card business with a large portfolio of different card features (contactless, metal bodies, biometric functions, dynamic CVV) – after all, most non-cash retail purchases are still made with a physical card. As users adopt new digital payment methods, IDEMIA continues to enhance security measures of their traditional card and offer various customizable options to give them a sense of uniqueness. This way, IDEMIA enables a convenient, flexible and secure payment journey.

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